Sunday, October 23, 2005

sensuality - a collection of personal artwork

lines of sensuality

these pieces of artwork seek to unravel and represent the soft, intrinsic beauty that lies beneath the silhouettes of countless natural elements, fused and mixed with a sense of geometric elegance.

the images metaphysically represent the innumerable images and elements of creation, such as the softness seen in the curves of a leaf, the surreal lines seen in waves hitting the seashore, the spiral-like forms seen all over the cosmos, from the shape of the shell of the humble snail to the swirling formations seen in the shape of infinite galaxies.

the images have all been kept in black and white, tempered with colours that please the eyes as their backgrounds, so as to vividly bring out the purity of these of lines and curves, that create the sensual, captivating intricacy, visible in these artistic symphony of shapes and forms.

it is hoped that the passion to celebrate the myriad forms of nature's infinite beauty in the collection of these kinds of images continues to thrive and prosper, and eternally manifest itself in all the heart, mind and soul of the artist on countless pieces of white paper…

vishal j.singh